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History of our projects:

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The Publisher “Agricultural technologies” 

 - Which arrow flies forever? 

- The arrow that has hit its mark.

Vladimir Nabokov, "A Russian Beauty"

The Publisher “Agricultural technologies” exists since 1991. During more than 30 years of work the publishing house has initiated several specialized issues: three monthly magazines, an annual, digest, a printing house and site www.tsenovik.ru 

Now we are working on creating our own media channel.

Our employees deserve to be referred to as real professionals because each of them has profile diploma and most of them are PhDs. The years of work joined us into a united team which has successfully managed to overcome multiple economic crises, that had shaken our country for many times.

Our issues became leaders in their niche. For now we are stable reliable partners for many companies, we keep our promises and meet commitments. Our exclusive articles are constantly read by professionals in this sphere.

However we believe that it is not enough and that is why we started our own printing-office to print books in small number of copies, we start issuing new profile issues and Internet projects.

History of our projects



__Logo Tsenovik 2023.png

Published since 1997

It is a monthly magazine for professionals in agro-industrial complex.

Those who created this magazine are graduates of the Moscow veterinary academy named after K.I. Skryabin. In nineties these people have made their first successful steps in work with laboratory animals, design and equipment of farms. And they decided to commit their efforts into both agriculture and publishing business. Our first-born is “Tsenovik” which is (in the opinion of the agency “Agro-rating”, review for December 2011) is a leading agricultural issue in B2B sector. It is safe to say that thanks to its up-to-dateness, volume of information and number of participants “Tsenovik” is both a leader in the field of agricultural periodicals and news-papers and a reliable assistant to managers of the agro-industrial complex.

Our magazine deserved support of the Ministry and profile unions, and is a member of the Association of agrarian journalists.

Starting from the first issue in November 1997 the magazine has been published on a monthly basis without any fail disregarding defaults and crises.

Brief characteristic of the magazine:

Has been published monthly, contains information about 130-140 companies, 2500-3000 lines of information.

Print run is 6500 copies.

Our web-site www.tsenovik.ru provides you with the full version of the issues (whereas other magazines provide open access to a limited part of materials only).

The volume is 150-180 printed sides.

Addressed distribution to financially reliable companies of agro-industrial complex in all regions of Russia. 

The magazine is focused on chief managers of: poultry farms, pig breeding complexes, cattle farms, formula feed plants, veterinary stations of district and regional scale, agricultural administration.


 “Tsenovik” participates in all important profile exhibitions and is a media sponsor to “Grain-Feed additives-Veterinary”, “Golden autumn”, “Agrofarm”, EUROTIER, VIV, SIMA, SPACE, SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE, VICTAM, Agritechniсa, Veterinary poultry congress, Meet and milk industry and to the events that are hold by the International industrial academy.

We dispose information on a cross-system of search. It means that apart from using table of contents you can find a veterinary medicine or a feed additive in the alphabetical index, whereas the required manager and his/hers phone number could be found in the list of companies which participate in the given issue.

 Basic prices for advertising in the magazine "PRICE. Agricultural Review"

Prices for publications inside (all taxes included)

Format, size (mm)

Full colored (insert)

1/8 (88 х 62)

150 EUR

1/4 (88 х 128) - vertical

1/4 (180 х 62) - horizontal

250 EUR

1/2 (180 х 128)

500 EUR

1/1 (210 х 297)

1000 EUR

Rates for publications on the cover (all taxes included)

1 cover

2 cover

3 cover

4 cover

2600 EUR

(142 х 200 mm)   

1360 EUR

(210 х 297 mm)   

1200 EUR

(210 х 297 mm)   

2200 EUR

(210 х 297 mm)  

1 black line of price information – 5 EUR
1 color line of price information – 8 EUR
1 line of price information with logo – 10 EUR 
1 page of article 250 EUR

We recommend booking the covers long beforehand.

Payment Terms: prepayment – 100%

All the participants of "Tsenovik" automatically receive the magazine but one can subscribe this magazine by sending the request to the address of "Tsenovik" and payment according Tsenovik’s bank details.

Sales: 3 publications - 5%, 6 publications - 10%, 12 publications - 20%


Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52



Published since 2007

The annual “BUSINESS PARTNER. AGRICULTURE OF RUSSIA” is bilingual (Russian and English) and is a part of package for international agricultural exhibitions and conferences. Information presented in the annual is being used by the Ministry of agriculture and special industry association: poultry breeders, pig breeders, formula feed producers, dairy producers. The annual is distributed to cattle breeding, poultry breeding and pig breeding farms, at Russian and international exhibitions (EUROTIER, VIV, SIMA, SPACE, SOMMET DE L’ELEVAGE, VICTAM, Agritechniсa), to economical legations of embassies. The annual is respected by professionals of the agricultural business.

Periodicity: yearly

Print run is 5000 copies

Volume is 120 – 140 print sides

Director of project   Vera Dubinskaya, PhD.

Editor in Chief   Julia Sheshenina

Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52

e-mail: bisnes.p@mail.ru


"Science and Practice. Agriculture"  Digest

Published since 2013

The collection of scientific and practical articles on veterinary medicine and feeds "Science and Practice. Agriculture" which released, and sent by post to major manufacturers, and will also be distributed at all events throughout the year.
Our publication is a practical tool for veterinarians and zoo engineers, that’s why "Science and Practice" has a pocket format.
Authors who publish articles in "Science and Practice" have the opportunity to become laureates in the journalistic competition of the International Veterinary Congress.
If you need, your article can be indexed in the international scientific citation system DOI.

In "Science and Practice. Agriculture" has been published articles about innovation or unique products, on topical issues that require informational support in the Russian market.

The printed version of Science and Practice is distributed to farms and agricultural holdings.
The electronic version of the article is available for free on the website www.tsenovik.ru in a convenient format and indexed in search engines.

Published in Russian with English topics

4000 copies

The number of bands 70 - 90 pages

Format 162x210

Periodicity: yearly

Minimum placement of 2 pages (5600 characters in Russian) will cost 380 Euro

Director of project Vera Dubinskaya, PhD.

Editor in Chief Julia Sheshenina

Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52

e-mail: bisnes.p@mail.ru


Magazine “ZooMedVet”

Published since 1998.

“ZooMedVet” is a unique monthly issue for professionals in zoo trade in Russia. The first issue was published in 1998 during the crisis in Russia. This is the second magazine in our publishing house.

The magazine is oriented at professionals in zoo business: traders of zoo goods, veterinary experts, cats and dogs breeders, directors of zoos, equestrian organizations and so on.

At the beginning “ZooMedVet” attracted attention by brief presentation of information such as producers’ prices, advertisements and market reviews. That gave us the first subscribers. The fact that “ZooMedVet” is issued monthly ever since the first print is the best evidence of respect from the experts.

Today “ZooMedVet” is a full-colored illustrated issue, monthly media sponsor for more than 20 exhibitions and seminars of different levels.

“ZooMedVet” is a catalogue-magazine which contains up-to-date monthly information from more than 40 Russian and foreign producers and distributors. 2500 experts receive on a monthly basis full information about feeds, vitamins, veterinary medicines, fillers and accessories for animals.

1) Monthly market review: goods for animals, fish, poultry. Monthly analysis of retail prices for zoo goods in 30 Moscow shops.

2) The review is based on one type of zoo goods. The analysis is made for price dynamics and assortment in comparison to the previous year.
3) Informative and promo articles about market news and events.
4) List of profile exhibitions with press-releases afterwards (if it is provided by organizers of an event).

5) Considering certain peculiarity of the zoo goods market we found it appropriate to add humor trend: pictures from editors in the beginning of each issue, funny phrases in headlines, jokes.
6) Print run is 2500 copies monthly.
7) “ZooMedVet” distribution:
Exhibitions, seminars, conferences and other events.
Direct postal distribution into all regions of Russia (to producers of zoo goods, wholesalers, directors of zoos, veterinary institutions, large-scale cats and dogs breeders).

Editor in Chief   Dubinskaya Vera, PhD. 

Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52



Magazine «ZooAdvice»

Published since 2002

“ZooAdvice” is a fill-colored monthly magazine aimed at those who love animals. If you have questions about how to heal and feed your pet, “ZooAdvice” will answer you. Only qualified experts are invited to give their advice on the pages of our magazine.

Format – А5.

Distribution: for free in pet shops, veterinary clinics and drugstores, at exhibitions and via feed delivery service.

Print run is 20 000 copies.

Editor in Chief   Dubinskaya Vera, PhD. 

Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52



Printing House «ZOOVETKNIGA»

Since 2011 we have been printing books by small and super-small scale print runs, as additional options we provide for editing and proof reading of texts and ISBN.

We also organize postal distribution to addresses mentiones by the Client. We can perform a mailing list at the addresses specified by the customer. Reasonable prices, reasonable terms. 

Tel.: +7 (495) 919-44-52